What does it mean to be a member of WMSHC?

Article 8 of WMSHC's bylaws states:

The corporation shall have one class of members, called “members.”

A member shall be any person who supports the accepted statement of purpose and who pays annual dues to the corporation not less than $1. Member privileges include participation in business meetings, election of board members and convention officers, and approval and amendment of bylaws. Each member shall have one vote. Anyone willing to fulfill the responsibilities of membership shall be given the opportunity to become a member. All memberships shall have the same rights, privileges, restrictions and conditions.

Members have the privilege and responsibility to attend our annual meeting or cast votes by absentee ballot! We also suggest that you take a minute to read through our bylaws to get an idea of how WMSHC works.

To become a member, submit dues of at least $1 per year using the PayPal link below. Donations from our members allow WMSHC to host our annual convention and all day singings, offer singing schools, provide travel grants, and give financial support to other programs and projects focused on community-based singing in our region. We encourage our members for give as much as is comfortable.