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If you would like to stay up to date about Sacred Harp singing in Western Massachusetts, including the process of resuming singings after our long pause due to COVID-19, please enter your email address in the wmshc-announcements list sign-up form, and we will add you to the list right away. Once you are added to the group, you can visit Google Groups to see past messages.

December 17, 2021 update

Outdoor singing at Laurel Park is on hiatus for the winter. However, we are tentatively planning for regular, indoor singing on Tuesday evenings twice a month, beginning in mid January, after the annual meeting on 1/9. The specific safety precautions are still being worked out, but at a minimum, proof of vaccination will most likely be required to attend. Masking is also currently required at both potential spaces.

October 14, 2021 update

Beginning Sunday, October 24, we will be singing at a new location. In order to keep this page from going out of date, and to make clear which weeks are "A" singings and which are "B" singings, the WMSHC singing schedule appears in calendar form below. The calendar includes the location of the singing.

Board members will update this calendar as decisions about singing locations, times, and parameters are made. Community meetings and board meetings (which community members are welcome to attend) will also be added to the calendar. As always, the best way to stay up to date about singing information is by reading messages posted to the wmshc-announcements email list.

For more details about "A" singings and "B" singings, please see the WMSHC COVID-19 guidelines, which we are still following into October.

Photo by Sheldon Finlay