WMSHC 2021 Summer Singing: COVID-19 Guidelines

[updated 7/10/2021]

Following a community meeting and survey, the Board and Locating Committee have taken into consideration both community feedback and public health data on how various precautions impact the COVID-19 risk of singing together. Below are our recommendations for our July and August "pilot" singings. After these pilot singings, we'll gather further community feedback and make a plan for the fall.

We know there's no way to accommodate everyone's preferences, but we hope that these pilot singings will enable as many of us as possible to gather and sing together safely this summer. 

What types of singings will WMSHC host this summer?

All WMSHC singings this summer will be outdoors. We'll alternate between 2 types of singings — "A" and "B" singings — with different COVID-19 precautions.

"A" singings

Wear a mask while singing, whether or not you are vaccinated (except kids younger than 2). 

Keep 6 feet of distance while singing, except for households or "pods" (small groups of 2+ people who have discussed and are comfortable with the risk of sitting close together). 

"B" singings

Masks are optional for vaccinated people. 

  • If you are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, masks are optional — but please feel free to wear one if it makes you more comfortable!
  • If you are not fully vaccinated against COVID-19, please wear a mask while singing (except kids younger than 2)

Distancing depends on local COVID-19 risk in the county where the singing is held (for example, Hampshire County for a singing in Northampton). We'll use the COVIDActNow map risk levels as our source of data on COVID-19 risk. 

  • Low risk (green): No minimum distance
  • Medium or high risk (yellow or orange): At least 3 feet of distance while singing (except households/"pods")
  • Very high or extreme risk (red or dark red): We'll follow the same precautions as an "A" singing (6 feet of distance and masks)

What if I am coming from a different county?

If your home county is at significantly higher risk than the county where the singing is held (especially 2 or more risk levels higher on the COVIDActNow map), we encourage you to use your judgment and consider taking extra precautions to protect others, such as:

  • Wearing a mask at "B" singings even if you are vaccinated
  • Keeping extra distance while singing
  • Choosing to attend "A" singings rather than "B" singings

What about proof of vaccination?

For logistical reasons as well as our community's goal of ensuring our singings are open to all (including passersby!) WMSHC won't require proof of vaccination for any of our official singings this summer. We trust our community to be respectful of our guidelines and act with care for the health of all singers. 

In the community survey, some people expressed that they would like to attend singings that require proof of vaccination, and we hear this! In addition to WMSHC's community-sponsored singings, we continue to encourage individuals to host their own house/porch/yard/park/etc. singings with whatever precautions feel comfortable to you. 

What about Jamulus?

We know that some people aren't ready to sing in person at all yet, and that's okay! The in-person summer singings will not be on Tuesday evenings, so Jamulus singing can continue for as long as there's interest in this option.